Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Fun Continues with Stitching and Another Sock Arrival

I recently finished up a group of Baby Toy outline designs for machine embroidery. My favorite part of the process is watching them stitch out at the end. For me, it is trying to keep it all stitching out with as few stops as possible, saving time and energy. As I watched the new collection of Baby Toy designs stitch out (currently available at, I found a new set of pictures had arrived in my mail box by Kris Beebe. Her socks are so cute. It is just one more reason why I love the Sock Easy. Great job Kris, it was worth the wait! Thank you for sending the photo. Is that design from an old card for the Brother/Babylock machines? I think I own that design! Add it as a comment so all of us can own that design!

I am typing and waiting for the video to upload, and I have to laugh as it is not an exciting one for you to watch but it does show that the designs in this collection stitch out quickly, smoothly and without needless thread jumps!

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