Monday, June 15, 2009

ITH? What is it?

Sometimes we assume that everyone who visits craft embroidery sites knows what ITH means. I would not be surprised if ITH means many things to other people. How about "Idiots that hoop?" Sometimes I feel like one! But in the embroidery world that is not what we mean. And we have higher regard for those that hoop!

ITH - in the embroidery world stands for In-the-Hoop designs. These projects stitch entirely in an embroidery hoop and require little or no additional sewing. This month the FREE newsletter for features this passport design. It does require a larger hoop size as the finish project measure approximately 5inches by 8inches. The entire Passport Wallet stitches completely in the hoop and requires no additional sewing once completed. If you are not signed up for the FREE newsletter you can do so now by going to to sign up through June 30th to receive this newly released design. The design will be sent via a link in the June newsletter only. The June newsletter free design link will remain active until midnight July 1st. So be sure to download it right away when you receive your newsletter. The stabilizer used in this sample project is Fusible Fleece which really adds a nice fluff to the stipple quilting while providing great stabilization to the overall project. The new Baby Toy designs also use this stabilizer to add additional puffiness to the outline style of the designs. My supply comes from and it is quite reasonably prices and wonderful for projects like these plus purses, etc.
Why are In-the-hoop designs so popular?

One reason is because the embroidery sewing machine can stitch an entire project together without the machine operator having knowledge of sewing. Simply by pressing the embroidery button and changing the thread colors when asked by the screen - a cute project is just minutes away.

With summer here, many will be travelling but even if you don't need a passport, you could slip photo pages inside this little book or a journal of your travels.

With July 4th around the corner, there is an adventure awaiting all of us! Time to have some tea and sleep! hugs, Cookie

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Anonymous said...

"Cookie, I belong to your site blog and say THANK YOU for the fabulous
"Passport to Adventure"! When I first saw it, I thought it was a
passport for a child for "adventure". Then I read the description that it is for an actual passport! I think it would be great fun to give to a child, too. Every time they are given the "passport to adventure"that could mean that they are going on some fun adventure. Say, to the
local park or for icecream or a scavenger hunt in the house on a rainy day or to the zoo! It could be placed at the breakfast table by their place, to let them know it will be an "adventure" day! Just a fun thought. Now I wish my own kids weren't grown! QuirkyKim"