Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's in the bag?

Many crafty people carry their knitting, sewing and other creative projects with them, to work on during moments of "waiting". I carry my projects in little colorful bags. And heaven help the person who asks, "what's in the bag?" I am all set for show and tell! (Crafters love this question.)
"What in that bag?"
I may have several of these "on going project bags" in one larger bag. Each decorative bag contains a project with all that I need to complete it. I've made them different ways: some with flat bottoms that are weighted while others are just simple drawstring style bags without form. At the end of the day, the simple ones win because they easily fit into tight spaces! (This includes my handbag, glove compartment, my poodle's stroller...)

Do you need to sew? Not really, because plastic bags with slide closures are so readily available and come in different sizes. At home, I store my projects in clear bags to keep them orderly and dust free. (Dust free just in case it is taking me awhile to complete, like my "un-knitted sweater").

Need a gift for a crafty friend? Why not a project bag and perhaps personalize it? Or recycle a cute fabric bag and add a related tool that he or she might need for their particular craft. It's the gift and wrap all in one where the tissue will be inside of the gift rather than around it!

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