Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are you familiar with "Embroidery"?

Did you know that, Ray Bradbury, the well known science fiction author, wrote a short story entitled "Embroidery" and it was published back in 1951? The story setting is rural America. The main characters are three women who are sitting and in a discussion while hand sewing and one of the three needs to rip out her embroidery! (Sounds like many of us!) What is different about them? They know that at 5:00pm that day a nuclear test is to occur with unknown results. I know that many of us use sewing for distraction, or to relax, but these three ladies have taken it to a new level. I won't tell the rest, but here are a few quotes from the story that spoke to me and perhaps to you:
“Each woman looked to her own hands, as if suddenly she had found her heart beating there.”

Another great quote from Embroidery by Ray Bradbury, "the soul is in our hands"
The short story is in a 2005 released book, "Bradbury Classic Stories 1". Of course, this applies to more than sewing with our hands. Sewing is use to illustrate his own thoughts on technology.

If you love science fiction and creating with your hands, it is worth your time to have a look at it. The book is available at for under $10 as of this posting date.

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