Friday, August 7, 2009

Where to find inspiration for sewing & embroidery?

Have you ever found yourself fresh out of ideas?

One great way to overcome a temporary inspiration blocker is to follow some tips used by many scrapbook enthusiasts. Look at magazines, not just for actual projects but rather for color schemes and layouts. Look at how they achieve a dimensional look to their finished projects. Whether it is a pillow with a layered look or a scrap book layout ask yourself: Can you re-create that style in your work?

What are the latest trendy themes? Can you come up with a fun embroidery project to incorporate some of them? Pay attention to current events and holiday advertising. Often these venues provide a solid direction in which to pursue your next gift idea or series of ideas.

Of course, it is always inspirational to look at magazines in our own hobby, but glance at the ones also pertaining to: fashion, current events, home decor and the newspaper to see what is new in colors, topics and if you have some older collector sewing books - sift through those pages. In my spare time, I scrapbook and often while doing so my mind will drift over to sewing and I leave my papers on the table and head to the sewing room.

Have fun while looking for inspiration.You never know where the next great idea may blossom from! (Special thanks to Millie for our time spent at her home, "playing with paper and glue!" I love my little journal...)

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