Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Gifts Made by All...

This past Monday, I held our club meeting. I've been running this private embroidery/sewing club since 1997 and we meet monthly.

I had rushed to the dentist at 8:30am to be on the other-side of town by 10:30. It was pouring rain in Georgia. I used my cell to pick up a few phone messages of members who couldn't make the trip in the rain. I understood their desire to stay at home. I was driving in the very rain they were trying to avoid, and indeed it was a miserable drive. What I didn't know was that people (who listened to the weather reports) were advised not to drive unless absolutely necessary. Well, maybe since it was our cluster club, it felt necessary to me! But had I been listening to the news instead of getting "crowned" earlier that morning, I would have canceled the club for safety sake!

Ahhh, but I arrived at Atlanta Sewing Center and met up with my "five" club members to make our chiffon ribbon flowers. (Mind you 9 others stayed home while others were traveling!) With just five members to show how to make the first flower we finished our project quickly. I then looked out the window and could see vertical rain, and 6 inches deep in the parking lot. With that we took scraps of fabrics and made napkin ring flowers! We spent the day together as we were trapped at the store but it was lots of fun.

This gold flower was the original project we made using chiffon wired ribbon. Easily accomplished by gathering one side of the ribbon by gently pulling the wire. We used Offray ribbon which actually has two pieces of poly filament type wire-like strands. To get a nice size flower use 1-1/2" wide ribbon measuring from 2-4 yards depending on the fullness and size desired.

The Offray wired ribbon is more durable than the thin wire ribbon, in case you go to try this at home. By simply creating a ruffled like edge and then slowly rolling it and stitching the layers together, we made pretty flowers suitable for suits, pins, packages and more. This one featured here is made with a 1/2" wide ribbon so it is smaller. 3 yards of ribbons were used to create it. The picture doesn't do the glitter justice!

The rain slowed finally for 30 minutes as we fled home to bale water out of the basements! The garden of flowers was the bright spot in our day!

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Anonymous said...

Smart use for left over holiday ribbon, thanks...