Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's in the bag? The Versatility of a Draw String Bag!

With Halloween barely a month away, and the holiday season approaching - what crafts or gifts will you be working on?

Inside this Halloween draw string bag are project ideas & designs for subscribers to cookiescreations for the month of September. Directions on how to make a quick & easy draw string bag. Make it small and you have a goody bag. Make it bigger and you have gift shoe bags! Make it more narrow and tall and you have a wine bottle gift bag. Throw a monogram on your custom draw string bag and you add a touch of class.
What else for those who subscribe this month?
A trio of designs to adorn your Halloween party napkins, clothing, trick or treat bags plus a design to begin embroidering table linens for the upcoming festivities once you clean up those cobwebs. Use glow in the dark thread for ghostly fun! Add a mini design for Halloween and you can embroider even your socks to reflect your fun filled spirit. Don't know how to embroider socks? Let me show you how easy it is. Whether you use the Sock Easy we feature or another method, there are some good tips for you on our videos! See the how to video. The newsletter is free but you have to sign up to get it, if you have not already done so available on our home page at cookiescreations.com. The newsletter begins shipping tonight just before midnight and stops the last day of September - so don't miss out!

In June, I blogged about making draw string gift bags to hold knitting, and other craft accessories. I thought everyone learned how to make draw string bags when they first learned to sew. Guess what? I had tons of emails from friends asking how do you make a draw string bag like that? This project is in honor to the girls of Edison who HAD to sew that bag in school to compliment the ugliest dress. If you sew today, it is a tribute to hope and a miracle of perseverance! I am thinking that the dress was a nightgown because it was too ugly to be seen in public and the draw string bag was where we were to store it, or use as a burial sack! I encourage you to make a few wine bags for the holidays and raise a glass to all those who survived "home economics" back then!


bouncy bobbin said...

what a fun bag=) I only have a handful of children on my street so I may just do those to hand out.

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

bwhahahaa... we had to make the world most unattractive drindle skirts.. I could of used one of those bags to bury it in!


peach said...

Mine was even worse, Maddie - a tiered skirt. Every layer had to be gathered!