Sunday, November 8, 2009

Embroidery Newbie Makes Her Mark!

My goal is to share the love of sewing wherever I go. And this week, I am working with my daughter-in-law, Brooke, as she embarks on her new hobby: embroidery! She made baby socks using the sock easy this morning and is now a pro at going from the embroidery module back to the sewing settings to attach ribbons. Many pairs later, we have decided it is time to try the In-the-hoop luggage tags.
She is also happy to have all her fingers "in tact" with no sewing injuries as she hasn't sewn since high school... Hard to believe!
So with paper and pen we wrote out the supply list and charged out the door to Hancock's for fabric. You can see for yourself that she is a natural seamstress and embroidery enthusiast. It is amazing how easy the Babylock and Brother machines are to use. In just an hour, she became one with the machine. I seldom trade in a machine. I've sold a few but now I take my gently used machines and place them in the homes of my kids. A method to my madness.
Brooke refers to herself as a "recovering tomboy" and I have to laugh.

I have been typing this last paragraph up while she finished her first luggage tag and has put together a fabulous dinner.

The front side of Brooke's luggage tag is tone on tone and the back side is black with white swirls. As you can see it holds a business card perfectly and she did a great job. I would upload the back side but dinner is now being served! But note how I did have a minute to borrow her tag and put my business card in it...

For those who have purchased a sock easy - it does live up to its name and if you haven't used yours yet, I have videos on our website to assist you with it :)

It's the bright start of a new week... enjoy! hugs, Cookie

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KBG-2 said...

Brooke here. I'm still in shock. It's totally true- it's been about 15 years since I sewed anything more than a button! I confess, I have actually used duct tape to hold my hems. So for me to say that a sewing project was easy & fun is no small thing! Now, I was a wee bit spoiled with some fabulous one-on-one instruction, but I couldn't get over how easy & fast these projects were! The cute-o-meter was definitely rising with each project. Even though I've always been a sucker for a monogram (can't wait to add them to my luggage tags!) I rebelled against ribbon for well over a decade, but I think with the ease and adorableness of these projects, I'm over it. The more pink ribbon the better! Bring on the pink!!