Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Magic in the Evening...a word about magnetic closures!

It's always fun to decorate our homes for the holidays but in looking through my own wardrobe I spied a red jacket with accents of green and purple. Of course, I owned cute shoes (!) BUT the bag that went with the shoes looked nice but it didn't really add much to the overall outfit.

So with bits of sparkly yarn, (the picture doesn't do it justice) I copied the loopy motif of the jacket and began stitching it down on fabric.

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"Not all magnetic closures that you purchase for handbags are of the same quality."
You want to select the right size magnet in proportion to the closure. You also want to test the strength of the magnet. If you drop your bag, will it easily pop open spreading the contents all over the floor? Test this out for yourself. Walk into a department store and test the various handbags magnetic closures. Try unsnapping a magnetic closure of a designer bag, now go to a less expensive area and test those bags. Mind you, I once paid a small fortune for a designer bag and it spent its entire life in a state of being open. My sister in law, Donna, owned another bag by the same brand and the identical problem existed with hers. So even designer's can have "design flaws" so test those magnets whether you are making a bag or purchasing one that is in a showcase!

Same principal holds true for the ones you purchase in craft stores. Do a trial before you purchase in bulk. Ask me how I learned this! As a peer teacher once told me, I make the mistakes so you don't have to.

To my students who have made bags with me, and have struggled to get the magnets apart - now you know why! Hugs, Cookie

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T.E. said...

that's funny. i can picture you struggling to get the magnets pulled apart;)