Monday, November 16, 2009

Latest Projects, and Untimely Space Goblins....

Sock Easy for gloves? Need to know how to embroider gloves? Check out my free video. Tonight, we are rushing to get the newsletter out... Space goblins in the way. Imagine me rushing about the studio, whipping up designs, then grabbing ribbon, stitching out the gloves using the Sock Easy. Snapping photos and resizing. Are you tired yet?

We are all set to go, and .... and.... we discover... are you ready? .... the website is down!

Can you believe it? We cannot send out the newsletter until all the links are tested!

At this moment, the only thing being tested is my patience!

So here we are flipping things around... blogging first, and then the newsletter, as the site is coming back on line - momentarily. A phone call always helps right before midnight. We feel "the love" tonight.

We have several gift ideas working together this month. In our November newsletter (free subscription sign up on, we are featuring a versatile mini snowflake for gloves, socks and more plus we have some special discounts and "free with purchase items" - so be sure to sign up for the newsletter, if you have not already done so.

Additionally this month, we have included in our newsletter, directions for our most favorite, easy to make, evening bag. The project includes a few tips on magnet insertions into purses. I discussed magnets on the blog recently, but the newsletter magnet topic is on the actual "installation" of magnets. A better picture is on's home page.

I am going to run my copy of the Deduper Software to get rid of the duplicate files I have created this evening in a second. No need to save duplicate embroidery, and photo files. It's one of our favorite items to feature for cleaning up and organizing computer files of all kinds. It analyzes the actual data for duplicates rather than just the names of files. For instance I can have purse1.jpg and purse2.jpg, and if they are the same pictures then the Deduper Software will let me know, and I can keep the original and delete the copy --- in seconds!

Ahhh, the site is up, the links are working and I am hitting the approval to send button for all our current newsletter subscribers.

It's 3 minutes past midnight, and I am doing a happy dance. Good night friends! Hugs to all!

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