Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick gifts for new embroidery ethusiasts to make without breaking the bank...

Look at the cute items my newbie girl just turned out! My "B" just got an embroidery machine, and hasn't sewed since high school. With just a few quick tips, my girl has embraced embroidery.

The glove was embroidered using the adult size sock easy. Since the glove does not have a cuff, you need to turn the glove inside out before you embroider it. You can see how to do it on our free video. Also, we have a free video on adding ribbons!

The Sock Easy tool is available at
"Momma is indeed all smiles with this!"
The luggage tag is an in-the-hoop design and available as a quick download design. Check it out! No sewing knowledge required.

I love B's use of two different fabrics. It adds an element of surprise and the bright colors will certainly help the luggage to be spotted at baggage claim. However, with the junk fees being added, I think I would carry my bag! You still have a week until Thanksgiving, that is plenty of time to make them for travel. They take just a few minutes to do.
TABLE TIP: Stitch them as placeholder cards for your dinner table and your guests will have a "party favor" to take home on their return flight!
After being in the embroidery industry for more than a dozen years, you can easily forget the fun you had when you first began this as a hobby. Having a family member take an interest has truly reminded me of the joy of embroidery. So for all of you seasoned veterans of the sewing world, I challenge you to take on a newbie, and relive the enthusiasm we shared when the machines first hit the market over a decade ago. Can that be right? Oh my!


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

How super fun!!!... My daughter sews a bit and admires ( much more of a knitter).. but a " partner in crime"... now that would be fun! :)

How Wonderful!


KBG-2 said...

Maddie, I started out just like your daughter! I loved seeing mom's - er, Cookie's - fabulous sewing projects, but I stuck with knitting. (Of course, she's the one who taught me to knit to begin with!) I still love knitting, but the almost instant gratification of these projects has made them so much fun. The luggage tags go from start to finish in less than an hour so you get to play with more fun fabrics and colors in less time! I love all the textures & colors of a knitting store, but fabric for these projects is fun, too, and definitely more affordable. We had a great time picking out the ribbon and fabrics - like being in a candy store! -"B"

Anonymous said...

wow. I know someone who lives in New York that would love a luggage tag like that.

from your fans in NYC