Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The holidays bring new projects and fun - Mr. Cookie Rules

Rumor has it that Mr. Cookie Jr. has had his man card revoked.  That is right ladies, my son embroidered his first towel using my machine. He selected the built in design and added lettering to it.  I had to wait until he took a break from the machine, for dinner, to snap a picture.  The 2009 that he added with beautiful arcing just goes to show how user friendly a Babylock and Brother machines are.  Nothing like hosting a gift swap party to encourage the art of sewing! As soon as he finished the lettering, he kept it in his possession so just use your imagination for the lettering.

But wait there is more sewing gifts news...  Mr. Cookie received his very own cutting Mat and Rotary Ruler for his birthday this year.  One cannot help but appreciate the excitement he is feeling by having his own set of tools! 

 Hobbies, hobbies more hobbies...

Now to be fair, his hobby is Remote Control airplanes. These are handy tools for that hobby, as well! But Mr. Cookie did tell me that he might consider actually going to the machine and embroidering a pair of socks just to show he can!  We will see...

Mr. Cookie gave me a Cricut machine and with that came a need for cartridges.  My son gave me a beautiful Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge.  Guess what?  My daughter had already surprised me with the same one and I have used it - fabulous cartridge if you want boxes!   With my son's receipt I found this site: Oh my, it is Cricut Heaven at Cricutdirect.com. I sent an email to their customer service explaining the double gifting and they were quick to respond within hours... Okay so as I return this one in it's pristine packaging, I am purchasing additional ones from this site.  So far I have picked THREE!

I realize that this is not embroidery related yet - but just you wait and see, I love combining hobbies. 

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Anonymous said...

Those rulers do come in handy!

Kristen said...

glad the gift thing worked out.