Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I watched this movie first because I knew the dancing man and then ...

And then I kept on watching this video as I was mesmerized by the number of people involved, the caring faces, the beauty of the photography, and the choreography of the whole presentation. While I am busy updating the newsletter for my own website, I wonder if you, too, will get caught up in this video as I did. As of now, there are 221 views, if you love it like I do, send your friends to view it.


Anonymous said...

Very touching! The dancing man is pretty cool.... will he be the MC at the AEC 2010?

Unknown said...

This video was every touching and you can see the true love, emotion and care in each person's face. Having been a mammographer for 30 years, doing mammos, ductograms, assisting in biopsies, etc, unless you are the person facing this, or a family member involved, you never realize the fear, the terror, the upset, that comes with finding a lump or getting a bad mammo report. That's why follow-up's are SO important. A lot of changes can take place in a woman's breast in a years time, especially as you start going through some changes, and the one's of you that are my age know what I mean. And young women in their 20's, 30's, I've seen it in you. And YES, you men, also. Men CAN have breast cancer. And although very rare you are not immune. Please, get your doctors checks, do your monthly exams (get a mammographer to SHOW you the CORRECT way to do it), and have your mammo done yearly (regardless of what some think). And you men, keep an eye out for yourself. Women in your 20's and 30's follow your instinces. If you feel something's wrong keep searching until you find a doc that will get you checked. Breast cancer DOES NOT have to be a death sentence. God bless all of you and your families that are going down this road. God bless all of you that are survivors.
Let's kick some BREAST CANCER butt!

Denise Boshell
Pinson, Alabama

Who is retired but still thinks about those that are finding a lump for the first time today and the terror that they feel, those that are having their first mammo today and no one bothers to explain what this monster-looking machine is going to do to them. I still see the fear in the faces of the ones that are waiting for the biopsy results.
I pray that none of you that are reading this ever have to face IT, but if you do fight. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. There are many warriors out there. And praise God many survivors, also.

Anonymous said...

That was great cookie. My mother was a breast cancer survivor.


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

What a wonderful video.. as you know Les raced for the cure this year and raised a good pot full of money... he ran on a fractured leg.. he ran for all those we know and don't who have been touched.. he ran for me and my bad mamo that turned out good.. he ran in pain for all of us with hopes that we will have help if we need it and the hope that we will never need it. What a great tribute.. and I am glad you posted it up!

much love, Maddie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! So inspirational as I begin my graduate community project on a guidebook for women diagnosed before the age of 40.