Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Contest Drawing and what I learned along the way...

And the winner of our holiday drawing is:

Jorga Altman is the winner of our drawing. I love the title "Twins with Holiday Socks".  The double trimmed finish added to the socks makes them adorable. And the poinsettia is from our mini set two For the Holidays. 

I made a point of not going through the pictures sent in until after the drawing.  If I had not set this up as a drawing, it would have been very difficult.  The entries were all so wonderful. 

If you don't know how to add ribbons to socks check out our Sock Easy Videos which are free to watch on our website.

Here are a few more photos of projects sent in by customers sharing their personal creativity:

Linda Seeman-Korte used a snowflake design from our December newsletter subscriber gift  and also added the musical notes from our Mini 1 collection. The snowman on her top is positively delightful and her creativity and talent shines through.

Imagine my joy at seeing Kay Wheeler's second Book of Knowledge Journal.  Her first one was posted several months ago.   I like the idea of using an organza style ribbon for a book marker - it's a bit of flair.  If you missed this project, it is not too late to create one by watching our how to video!

I laughed with relief to Mr. Cookie and said how glad I was that the contest was a drawing, because if I had to choose or make others choose which is best, it would have been too difficult.  I know this about me, and other teachers would tell you the same thing.  This was just a fun little drawing to help us learn how to organize this kind of event.  The prize was a cute "re-usable pail containing blanks, ribbons and a set of designs" which we shipped the day after we notified Jorga.  She was so sweet and wrote back that she never wins anything. I remember my own excitement and saying those same exact words when I won a poster depicting spools of threads.  Don't laugh as it really was a pretty poster!

Thank you to everyone who participated by sending in a photo of their holiday gifts this year - it was a lot of fun and the little notes attached to them put glee in my day!


Anonymous said...

I have such fun making socks but I never thought about using the designs on other items for a background. Thanks for posting the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cookie I just love all your little projects you show on here and to think I will get to see these in person at the IEC because you will be there with bells on

Betty O'Brien
IEC Coordinator