Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the love of chocolate, be a participant...

What are you doing the weekend of Valentine's?

I have plans do you? I am looking forward to creating this I-T-H Sachet Pillow in the company of others who love to sew. Join me at Ashby's Sewing Machine Company, Kennesaw GA for a morning of fun.  It is scheduled for February 13th, 10:30-12:30 at their new store location.  Here is the store contact information and call for more information, reserve your spot today. This class kit will include the project CD plus additional designs in this special club edition. I will also be sharing a crazy quilted card which is perfect with the other hot topic in the cookiescreations.com newsletter this month. 

My Love of Chocolate - the ongoing affair...
What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? (and pretty fabrics & thread!) I love Chocolate !  Do you? I have loved chocolate since I could walk.  I really dislike "chewies" in my chocolate - the dreaded caramel & the hardened toffee.  I don't understand those of you who do like those small chocolate bricks. They bring a look of disdain to my face when I bite into a piece and it sticks to my teeth.  How about you?  My favorites are dark chocolate covered cherries, truffles and I enjoy a good Hershey almond chocolate bar.  It's not about the expense of the chocolate but whether or not it is real chocolate.  I love walking through the stores and seeing those beautiful heart shape boxes - potential gift boxes for baby tees with socks.  (I know it is my illness, but some of those boxes do make lovely presentations).  Hmmm, an idea to show you later on.  
A thank you note to the Cookiescreations.com subscribers:

Cookiescreations.com is doing flips over having the newsletter sent out this month to subscribers, and the website fully functioning, once again!  Last month, all the attention went into fixing the website. It was January 26th before it was fully working.

Thank you to those who wrote me with concern.  It is nice to know so many are keeping their eye out for us. Thank you for being the heart of our website ~ Cookie

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm sitting here with my lower lip resting on my bellybutton because I live too far away to take advantage of these super awesome classes you're going to be teaching at your dealers.
Any chance of talking you into moving closer to me anytime soon?

Betty from Indiana,
IEC Show Coordinator
September 28 - Oct 2, 2010