Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ideas to further your hobbies...

I love to sew and the embroidery machine is the icing on the cake for me.  My background is in education so all of this joins the activities I love to do while working at the same time.   Not everyone has such an opportunity to earn $$ while working at their favorite things.  However, you can make the most of your free time. 

 Time Management is the key to preserving the fun in your hobby!
Give yourself 30 minutes a night exploring your hobby.  Use 30 minutes to plan for the project, the next night use 30 minutes to gather the needed supplies for your planned project, etc. If you do this in increments each night, you will soon learn how to relax & enjoy your hobby. You won't be asking yourself: "When do I have time?" 

Find an organized gathering and spend a vacation doing what you love (and yes, a little commercial!)

Whether it be beading, scrapbook and card making or perhaps my favorite: Embroidery.

While writing this, here is an event for those that sew!   For those who keep asking me, what I am teaching at the American Embroidery Conference, in terms of hands on classes, here is a picture of the projects.  There are two: one is a tote and the other is matching accessories. The tote has a magnetic closure, and deep pockets inside.  If you can stitch a straight line, I can easily teach you how to make this bag.  You will walk away with a project that you can actually use! By the way, I did these in 30 minute increments and by doing so - I know how long they will take to make in the classroom while making sure that  I factor in extra time for beginners. A nice perk to this event is that Atlanta Sewing Center supplies the machines for the classroom.  You do not have to bring your machines from home to the conference. The dates and links are also kept on the under  events  as well as other available learning opportunities on the classes page.   While this conference addresses sewing, quilting and embroidery, there are many conventions throughout the country that provide fun learning experiences in various hobbies. 
Maximizing the Fun during your get together and daily chores...

Of course I love to do more than sew.  I spend free hours with digital photography on weekends whenever possible.  I always carry my camera while spending time with friends and families.  I bring knitting needles with me when I meet friends for lunch. I glue together cards and assemble scrapbooks during those times when I am running the washer and dryer.  It makes routine mundane chores far more fun and I actually look forward to these "not-free" moments. Even if I am working a meal that is becoming problematic, I might whip out my camera and start taking photos.   I recently did this very thing while trying out a new recipe from a favorite magazine and then posted it to this blog.

A recipe for success that took me many years to learn...

The most common mistake I made for years was trying to stay up late to do it all.  I can't tell you how many mistakes I made or just how much it made me not enjoy things in my life.  Put your hobbies in your day planner with your work commitments.  If it is knitting time, make a lunch date, if it is scrapbook/laundry time, tell people you are booked - just stick with the schedule that puts a smile on your face. Don't explain what your commitments are and how you arrived at them. For charitable time, incorporate your love of a hobby into that commitment and learn a new skill.


Plan your days on your smart phone or daily planner and respect it.  If you do than others will do the same.  In the end you will be a happier and a more productive person, enjoying quality time with those you love, and doing the "assignments" that must be done with greater joy~ Cookie


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