Friday, February 19, 2010

Why purchase embroidery software?

With so many designs on the market, I am often asked, "Why create your own embroidery designs and invest the time when you can purchase them so inexpensively now?"  Outside of the obvious answer which would be "for income", it is the same answer for why we knit, bead, sew, crochet, woodwork and more.  By creating your own designs, you customize them to suit your needs.  It is an expression of creativity. And it is your hobby, your passion and how you choose to relax.

But there are other times when you are in a rush, need a gift, or perhaps there are designs you absolutely have to have and yet you need to personalize them. 

How about the designs that would suit your needs perfectly if you could have them smaller or larger?  Or maybe mirrored and duplicated?  You can do some of this on the embroidery machines, but for truly professional results with your layout - software is the answer. If lettering and monograms is your passion, there are several good stand alone lettering programs on the market. For gifts, I often use such a program to add names and dates. This type of software is wonderful for handbags, blankets and assorted linens.

In many situations, I have customers who want a specific style of lettering or they have added their own "raised" flair in the lettering artwork that needs to be in the final design.  For that, embroidery digitizing software is a must. More to follow...

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