Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lettering with Embossing & Engraving...

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A trend often seen at luxury hotels is the embossing on towels.  Having a full digitizing software package or a handy digitizing company just a phone call away makes this technique all possible.
Whether you choose to Emboss and have your letters in Satin Stitches or you prefer to emboss the towel with the effect of a negative photography as in this sample depends on your personal preference combined with the fluff of the fabric at hand, and the amount of time you have available for the actual stitching of the design.

For the engraved areas, I prefer a flat finished thread that matches the towels and then for stitching raised letters I would recommend a higher-sheen in the same shade or slightly darker. I would put a color stop in to change the lettering thread to a higher sheen thread.  For towels , I prefer  polyester embroidery threads over rayon threads because towels tend to be washed frequently and poly thread holds up better over time.

Large scripts look beautiful etched into towels and as they tend to be larger, it is a perfect backdrop for this style of lettering.  Although block and arial style letterings work great as well.  True Type fonts can be trickier as they are un-predictable and it is important to test out the stitch quality prior to application on the actual product.

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Anonymous said...

Cookie, I saw your sample at the store - it's great, thanks for all the help!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Cookie!... Stella is one lucky pup!.. I love the way simple shapes have such a classy look when using embossing on nice towels!... tre chic!


Betty O'Brien said...

Cookie you are always so creative. I'm looking forward to getting to touch some of your beautiful work at IEC. But most of all looking forward to that special hug we always have and I know Stella will approve.

Betty O'Brien
IEC Coordinator