Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy to be home!

As much as I love teaching and vending at the American Embroidery Conference, it is always nice to return home. To those who wanted to know how I made my *black and white circular vest here is the link to Threads Magazine.  Make sure you choose a fabric with a nice drape to it and for those that asked, I used ribbing cut to 3" wide for the binding on mine.  The pattern was contributed by Nicole Smith which appeared originally in Threads magazine Issue #146, p. 69, according to the linked page.

There were over 300 people gathered to share their enthusiasm for embroidery and sewing. Michele kept me organized and efficient and Beverly, as always, was my angel in the classroom helping the attendees. I promised to share the link for the black and white vest I wore which is now posted above* and to make a quick video for some of the students in my accessories class which will be out next week. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, I am still unpacking in-between days at work.

I haven't come across a picture of my own black and white vest so perhaps there is one still frozen in my camera! or in yours?

Mother's Day is not far away so that is the next set of projects for the newsletter --- what is in that package?

Stay tuned...


Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Cookie, It was wonderful to get to see you after so long... sorry we had to scoot out on Sunday before you could re-meet "Thumper"... Sam was not feeling well and often when that happens he starts getting barfy and I did NOT want to deal with that at the hotel!

Hope to be back in Atlata soon.. .. I will let you know when and come by and take you to lunch ! :)


Cookie said...

I really did want to see Thumper again. Hope Sam is feeling better. We will have lunch!


kristen said...

Love all the colors in your booth. The sock-easy buckets look adorable too.

I recognize that Mother's Day package...

patjano said...

Hi Cookie! It was great to see you and loved your Tatoo! Maybe next time we can actually sit and visit, lol! Hugs & Love, Pat