Friday, April 16, 2010

Just found: A Crazed Instructor Ready to teach! Did you pack the basics?

I crazy for crazy quilting and have come to realize that I am just plain crazy!

I have been On-the-Go cutting up kits and printing directions to put into each kit for the American Embroidery Conference, which is happening next week.  I pinched my fingers with magnetic closures innumerable times so that you won't have to.  Then  I got this idea to separate sections of the kit into bags as well.  So the lining parts are together with the pocket sections that attach to them, the front section pieces are together, and the back is with the straps.

The kits for my classes include pre-cut fabric, ready for assembly, stabilizer, embroidery design CD, thread, closures and directions - Just bring pins, Scissors, Snips and a Marking pen with your sewing peepers, if you need them & a smile! Kit fee for the Handbag Class is $35 and for the Matching Accessory class is $20 credit cards are fine with me!  And I do bring a wonderful group of gals (Michele of Elegant Thread Creations, Beverly and Jan) who bring years of embroidery experience to the classroom.  SURPRISE: Carol Price will be joining us to ensure things move smoothly in our On-the-Go Handbag (tote style) class!  What a treat! It just keeps getting better! All this to give you the help you need to leave with a finished project.

The Accessories Class that match the On-the-Go tote bag, were an easier kit as it is all done in the embroidery hoop with a touch of the buttons.  The two classes are combined in this picture. And for those who asking:
After teaching this style of class for 14 years, I put together a "how to video", for those inclined to take me home from the show on creating the CQ fabric. I have had this request so many times in the past, that it will be available at the show.  
Sometimes seeing it done is easier than reading "how to do it". Of course, "Learning by Doing" (method subscribed to by the father of education, John Dewey) is the best way for understanding anything new to you.  In looking at the kits prepared, I have included everything in them except for the *basics of sewing supplies.

When going to any sewing event for a day or two...., you should have a good list of basics* no matter if a teacher includes one or not (be prepared) so let me share mine with you:
  • Scissors to cut fabric, Snips for threads*
  • Straight pins*
  • Marking pen, preferably the blue that washes away, and maybe a chalk liner just in case*
  • 6-12 inch ruler, should you need a straight line or have to measure something*
  • Neutral thread for sewing, another just in case! Empty class 15 bobbins in case you need just a little decorative thread from a friend while at the show.*(My kits do have sewing thread in the classroom)
  • If it's embroidery, maybe a USB drive should there be a free design or two offered by the teacher
  • Eyeglasses, if you need them - I can't count the number of people who show up with these left at home :(
  • Address labels or a small card with pertinent information so you can save in having to fill out information to share with new friends, vendors, etc.
  • Pack your clothes with the thought of layering as all hotels vary in temperature from room to room.  Cute sandals in a chilly room can make you forget where that foot control is located. Pack socks.  Please refrain from perfume as others may be allergic and you are in a classroom environment.
So here are my packing photos so far:

Looking forward to seeing everyone in less than a week! The show is just about fully booked but if you haven't signed up but would like to go here is the website: The American Embroidery Conference
April 21-April 25, 2010. And while attending the conference, stop by and visit the Cookie's Creations Booth where we can show you how to use the SOCK EASY! and more!!!

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Packed and ready - thanks for the help! Mary