Monday, April 12, 2010

One stitch at a time, Meg Fisher is working towards a meaningful full time business...

This is a moving story and one that might be of interest to you on many levels...
If you sew or craft, the story will put a smile on your face.  If you lost a job, it is inspiring.  It's a story of a woman who is using her hobby to start a business and she is like so many of us.  You will love this.
In a recent CNN report about Life after Layoffs, you might have seen one my friends, Meg Fisher, explaining how her life was impacted by her own layoff and how she has started a wonderful business to earn income using her sewing skills.

It is a moving story and perhaps you might be in need of one her beautiful prayer shawls available through her website: - her site for made-to-order tallitot (Jewish prayer shawls).  The pictures really don't reflect the true beauty of the shawls - as the fabrics and finishes are gorgeous and done with great care given to the details. Even the matching bags they come in are beautiful.

The  has more samples of Meg's work and her customers love her.
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Thank you to Meg, for permission to use the pictures featured on this post.
Love your work!


Anonymous said...

"I sent this to someone who is active in her shul. this is obviously only for reform Jews but her talit are beautiful."

Anonymous said...

I am sending your email out simultaneously with the writing of this email. Sharon