Saturday, May 8, 2010

What to do when all else fails, do something!

Our cable service let us down this week, and no tweaking, uploading, or blogging was going to happen.  I had lots of other things to keep me busy, including custom orders.  It just doesn't feel like the same amount of productivity when you can't finish a video file, or upload pictures to blog. I am 4 days behind writing online newsletters, videos, etc.  Thank goodness, I already did the notes in my prior post for my eye peeper gals.

As I was embroidering these towels, I was admiring the sheen of the thread. There are many great brands on the market but I am currently partial to Gunold for commercial and Isacord in the home embroidery markets. For those who are beginning to embark in the world of embroidery, there are a few things you might want to consider when having towels embroidered, whether you or someone else is doing the work: 

Polyester embroidery thread is preferable to hold up to the repeated washings. Unless you have a towel bar where your family and friends know not to touch!  I am a hands on gal so all the towels in my home are for use! Rayon embroidery thread may be beautiful but it cannot stand the test of daily wear. (Love it on linen towels since most guests are afraid to use those in powder rooms anyway - therefore those are seldom seen in mine!) If you want to ensure fear in the use of those linen towels add 6 inches of lace to the bottom hem for "total intimidation".

Prior to embroidery, be sure to put a clear water soluble topping on the towel to ensure that the towel will not later poke through the embroidery.  Decide how the towel will be folded prior to embroidery.  Not every one folds their towels in the same manner.  You want the design or monogram/name to be seen on that towel rack!  I learned that one the hard way with my own towels early on.

This particular towel was quite stable and therefore I used a "paper like" water soluble underneath the towel.  My preference as of this date is Aqua Mesh as it handles easily and with a spray bottle I can remove every trace of it quickly and easily once done.   You can use a tear away as a stabilizer for most towel projects.  I always want my towels to look pretty from the top and from underneath.  Remove all left over stabilizer, etc.  before they are ready to make their debut.
If you are giving towels as a gift, a pretty presentation can make an inexpensive gift look like a million bucks - invest in the wrappings whether it is a beautiful bow with ribbon tying them together or a lovely box - it is worth it.
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Happy Mother's Day! ~ Cookie

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