Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Gifts can be even More Fun to Purchase at times...

More help for giving wine that will make your friends smile, and you, too!

Perhaps this activity was actually more fun than making a wine bag which is this month's featured project in the free newsletter.

The Three Sisters is a beautiful small winery and a must see, if you are in the area of Dahlonega, Georgia. Yes, I know we are not Napa Valley but it's a nice day trip with a beautiful drive.  And for those that truly know me, it's about the journey and not the destination.  However, this destination is more than picturesque.

So with three wine bags to fill, Father's Day was spent at the Three Sisters, and we sampled several to ensure that the bags would be filled with something truly different for friends that are Chardonnay lovers.  Not my own preference, but as it is for friends I was compelled to taste several white wines to ensure that they would enjoy their gifts. To my California friends, you will certainly know how to do this with flair! No fancy tour of how the wine is made, but rather a delightful tasting room filled with interesting art, wine and more!

The signage directing you to the Three Sisters may not be grab you but once you turn the corner on the winding road that leads up to the vineyard - it's awesome...

And to complete the day, I did fine an interesting Chardonnay which hints of pineapple so the wine bags that were made last week are now completed gifts.

If you haven't made your wine bags or tried your hand at painting wine bags you need not miss out.  See our website and my recent blog posts to get the information you need right here :)

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