Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Level of Embroidery and Photo Scrapbook Illness...

How crazy is this?  I attended, months ago, a lovely "baby shower" and took several photos of my best friend's gorgeous grandson.  Being an enthusiastic friend and loving to scrapbook, I just had to make her a digital scrapbook to commemorate the occasion and include a copy for the mom.

A few days ago, I decided to see just how hard it would be to create a printed fabric page and add embroidery to it.  The leaves and scrapbook page are printed on fabric and the flowers and border trim are embroidered on by machine, lining up perfectly.  The new technology in the Baby Lock & Brother machines is amazing and having the right software makes it happen so easy.

Now to complete the cycle, I had to take a picture of my work and scrap book the page digitally.

I did a happy dance all over my studio.  So now this will be a class in the fall.  From photo to embroidery... so get out those digital cameras and come join me!   I need to get the new schedule up on the main website: cookiescreations.com.  That will be the next thing to do.  It is a stormy night in Georgia so I hope the weather is better by you this evening.  The newsletter is going out in the next 12 hours so be sure you are a member of the cookiescreations.com to get this month's embroidery & sewing project.  

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