Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh the guilt, but Oh!! the results....

Forgive me, friends, for it has been 11 days since my last post and since then I have been busy sewing up a storm. A sample for the store (Modern Mix CD collection with directions by Bernina):

The left pillow is in outdoor light with their selected fabric ( I needed to reset my white balance for those photographer buffs out there), and the right picture is the indoor shot.  The indoor coloration under OTT light technology is the true color of the fabric.

Having a rebellious spirit, I stitched out the design without the applique fabric.  It turned out wonderfully. It was fun to use another company's designs & fabric to make samples.  It felt like a vacation.  I really do need to do other things after reading that last sentence.  Oh my! However, I am over the guilt.  Sometimes the results helps you overcome "missing in action" when you are suppose to be doing other assignments.

All the gals at Atlanta Sewing Center are busy sewing up a storm for a fabulous promotion that begins on June 17th.  Yes, it does show off the Modern Mix collection, but you need not own that software or design set to join in on the fun.   If you show up to join in on the fun next week,  be sure to get your coupons at the door - if asked, just tell them Cookie sent you, LOL

The beauty of a flanged pillow is that you do not need to purchase trims.  You decide on the size of your square based on the pillow form you want to use, plus the size of the Flange you desire.  This particular one uses an 18" pillow insert with a less than 2" flange. An edge foot adds great top stitching around the edge of the flange.   The back has a "covered" zipper and it measures the same length as the pillow.  If you flip the pillow about at the Marietta store, just be kind and know it was done at midnight.  Midnight is the hour when all sewing projects happen, right?

This week, I attended a fun meeting at Cecilia's home and we dined on authentic home made Mexican delicacies and enjoyed ASG fun.  The theme _ Ugly Pot Holder..... 

Okay, how do you define UGLY?   This has been newly defined by the American Sewing Guild, Sewriffics group This is the one I got designed by Rena P.  and I have to tell you that I loved it.  I successfully did my best to disguise it so that no one else would take it.  The flip side is solid purple with the binding.  So which side would you have showing? After years of practicing the "Yankee Swap" at the American Sewing Guild conference, I know very well how the game is played.  Now you be the judge:

I believe I am the winner of one pretty potholder.  But it is too pretty to cook with so it now is in my sewing room on display.  Thank you Rena for having such good taste!

And most importantly, where is the newsletter?  I finished the samples at the end of the week and the pictures were taken earlier today. And so tomorrow the newsletter will go out for our latest project.  Hint:  Picnic has been our theme since Spring and continues to be as we move into summer.

More to follow tomorrow!

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