Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Customer Care Specialist is put to the test...

How much fun can you have with ribbons?  More than you can imagine...

A few weeks ago, we welcomed Kristen in to the role of Customer Care Specialist.  She is fabulous when it comes to organizing us,  getting things caught up and helping customers.

But sometimes I forget that she really doesn't spend much time in the sewing world and what she brings to our world is organization and timeliness.

This week,  I tried her patience.  We added Ribbons to the website and  didn't explain what that meant.  I added two different design sets, "Collars and Borders", plus the "Mini2 Design Set".  We bundled up the Sock Easy for a nice starter set.  Mind you, I just took it for granted that she knew what I was thinking and doing.  Even Ron knows better than that after 30 years!  Thanks to a customer's order for ribbons plus a Sock Easy, we realized in conversation that Kristen was thinking "Oh, another set of designs" and I am thinking "time to cut ribbons" for the orders.  Thank goodness we have laughter on our side, and managed to get everything back on track.  We had lots of fun with ribbon while our Customer Care Specialist remained calm in the chaos.

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