Friday, August 6, 2010

Everyday things that inspire us...

I love to try out the various teas as a diversion from my coffee addiction. Love the lattes with soy!  When traveling, I always find a Starbucks and feel at home whether it is Georgia, New York or a city in Europe.  This caffeine addiction influences some of the photos I take, schedule breaks, and ideas for sewing projects.  My friends laugh at my addiction and are quite compassionate by meeting up at the local SB for coffee club, or a knitting session, or for our book club. I have tons of photos that attest to this. Friends also know that if I pass a fabric store, I will re-route and go in!

So imagine my delight in finding so many things that I love at one adventure park, several weeks ago!

Is this not simply gorgeous?  And to think it was created for all the fans of Harry Potter!  I won't go into how well written it is, and the amazing character development, or the way the reader is drawn into the magical world of Hogwarts.  But it has certainly influenced sewing patterns, knitting patterns, art work and shopping items around the world.

And for those that truly share my addictions, take note that in NewYork at Universal, my heart skipped a beat as I found this adorable store front. My family was delighted that it was just signage with no fabric "to visit".  For me, it was a reason to get a fabric fix on the way home at the Scarlet Thread.  (So the family had a temporary reprieve.) They wouldn't dare drive past that exit with me pounding on the car window. 
And for all my SB addicted friends, Universal understands the craving.  Imagine my thrill when I found a Star Bucks down a side road of NY! I had sent my family off to rides and they returned to see me carrying frappuccinos towards them. There were several people grinning (some laughing) at my enthusiasm and I cropped them out!  I guess my Type B personality is turning into Type A with the power of photo editing tools. 

So what inspires me for the next free embroidery/sewing project and design for the August newsletter?  When you see it, you will know and it comes out on the 15th of this month.  Don't miss out: Subscribe at if you have not already done so !

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