Monday, September 20, 2010

A Scrappy Personality! Sewers are very eco friendly...

I love Silk Dupioni, high quality cottons, ultrasuede, micro suede, velvets, and textured denims.  This is quite an assortment of fabrics that I use on a monthly basis.
What to do with the left overs? Those gorgeous scraps of fabric that didn't make it into the project of the month? Typically they end up in a crazy quilted gift or another project idea!
If the left over  fabric is less than a third of a yard. I get out my rotary cutter, fabulous clear rulers and rotary cutting mat and begin to cut strips and squares. 

Anything cut on the bias becomes 3" strips sewn together on the bias for future binding, piping and pillow sides. Fabric cut on the bias is great for anything that must go around a curve and take the shape of an object.  Those strips go into my clear box nicely rolled up by pattern/color.  Using my Brother Label Maker, the front of the box reads: 3" Bias Strips.

For those fabrics that are cut straight on the grain: I cut them into strips in various widths for crazy quilting possibilites for the future The straight on the grain strips go in a box marked, CQ Strips.

With cottons, if it is just a little fabric left over then I will cut them into squares.  White squares are for future embroidered designs and are cut depending on how much is available into 8" or 10 1/2" sized squares. 

The quilt hanging was one project that I did for Ashby Sewing years ago. From that project I had left over fabric.  I cut the left over Dupioni Silk into strips and squares.  That same year, I pulled out the strips and squares and made a small clutch (the ribbon was to hang it for the display only) for the American Embroidery Conference. I ordered beading and the extra went into my "Trims" Box nicely bagged.

The year after that, Babylock came out with a new design set, Interactive Trims. I repeated that same project for Atlanta Sewing Center which is featured up in the top left corner. Scraps were low and I ordered green and rusts to my supplies because it was during the holiday season.  And the trim was made with the interactive software.

The following Christmas, I made a stocking for an AEC mailing list stocking swap, and added burgundy ribbon for 50 cents (with plenty to spare for the future.)

I realize that sewers are considered to be "Stashers" (aka fabric horders). It is true, however, we are amazing recyclers and nothing goes to waste.

If you scroll through my blog, you will see many examples of recycling.  And for those projects that are using no repeat fabrics? Those projects will eventually give birth to other ideas and samples as well.
"Nothing gets wasted in the sewing community."
 And if I am really lost on what to do with something that I can't seem to recycle then I simply call up one of my sewing friends and I swap it out for their white elephant to get fresh inspiration! And fyi, I go everywhere for fabrics and touch it all...  ~ Cookie

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Anonymous said...

I agree that sewers and quilters both are recyclers at heart...there's no better feeling than taking leftovers and creating something beautiful and useful from them. So let's keep resurrecting those leftovers!!!

Sherry Ann