Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Embroider Animals that are not moving!

Thankfully, my poodle knows to keep on moving or I might embroider him! If you are looking for holiday gifts to order for little ones, see what is coming to  Whether you want them as blanks or have us monogram them for you.

Recently I have been stocking up on great gifts for customers and nothing is cuter than these stuffed animals.

For those that own embroidery machines, the first ones can be tricky and you will need to use a professional machine as it requires you to be able to work around the legs.  If you have a machine, then this is the way it will look when you go to embroider one. The results  are great but it does take some time to get everything positioned well. You certainly do not want to make a mistake with these furry friends.

They will be added to our shopping items this Friday. I brought only a few with me to the International Embroidery Conference and they were gone before I finished setting up.  These three are already reserved, as well.

The holidays are coming fast. We fell in love with these adorable animals at the wholesale show and hope you will, too!

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