Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I did with my blankety blanks!

I can go for years without getting a cold, but when one does catch me by surprise I will stay home and rest.  By rest, I mean stay indoors, sip tea and sit quietly stitching up things.  No phone, no visitors... just plain quiet except for the hum of the machines in my sewing studio. (It is almost a vacation for me!) I love this tie up robe from allaboutblanks for babies.  I gathered all the blanks and fabrics I have been collecting and enjoyed working with each of them. The apron is also from This style has wonderfully deep pockets.  You can check out the aprons on their website in greater detail.

One font pack can take you far, as you can see in the photos. I stitched the items shown using Hoop Tech clamp frames on my six needle machine for an easy effortless time.  Yes, those Hoop Tech clamp frames are very pricey but they are definitely worth it.

Another set of items that I love are Magna Glide bobbins for my six needle machine.  If you are into commercial embroidery, you can set up an account with several manufacturers who provide them.  If you are a consumer who happens to own a six needle machine then you can always purchase them through at a very reasonable price.  These bobbins are fabulous for those who own 6 or 10 needle machines, etc.  They are not for the everyday home embroidery machine as they are indeed magnetized and are not for top loading bobbin cases, etc. Magna Glides live up to their name as they glide through the bobbin case providing an even feed of bobbin thread, and I get every mm out of the bobbins unlike some of the paper alternative bobbins.  The stitch quality remains the same throughout the life of each bobbin. 


Anonymous said...

I have a commercial account with Brother Parts & Supplies and they have an excellent price on those Magna Glide bobbins.

kg said...

i like the swirlie font

One Second Needle said...

Thanks for your post about blankety blanks. I love the colors.

Chris said...

I love the font you used. Can you tell me where you got it from? Thank you for sharing! You inspire me :)

Cookie Gaynor said...

I missed responding to this:

It is one of my favorites: Classic Heirloom Monograms and it is an old OESD collection.