Friday, January 7, 2011

American Innovation in the Frontier of Creativity

Go Red, White and Blue! It is a celebration of a new beginning with 2011. Happy New Year to all! Our newsletter will be out late this evening so if you are a subscriber you should be waking up to it, tomorrow in your email box!   The project design is a quilt label set. Have you considered that sewing is an American tradition throughout the decades since the early beginnings.  On a side note: the products and designs available at are made in the USA.

I am proud that creative innovation still exists here in my country.  With this on my mind, my mind now that is scary... let's do a quick history of the sewing machine in the USA.

In 1846, Elias Howe patented the first US automatic sewing machine. His US Patent was issued September 10, 1846. The invention itself is defined as: an "apparatus using a needle and thread to join or repair material. Primarily used in the making of clothing." He was not the first to invent the concept of a sewing type of  machine, as earlier version patents were granted abroad and used for specific industrial purposes. The difference is that Elias  Howe invented the first automatic sewing machine for home use.  Later on he would sue for patent infringements and collect royalties as well as enter into business patent partnerships with sewing machine companies. So let us just say that the sewing machine had a turbulent beginning with creative alliances to make it what it is today. Indeed, it has remained in the frontier of creativity.

All the contributions around the world have shaped the home sewing and embroidery industry to make these machines faster, more accurate, easier to use, with a broad spectrum of capabilities not even dreamed of in the 1800's.

Notably, the sewing machine impacted the clothing industry in the USA, and gave way for more creativity with increased speed, ways to earn and save money on clothing, decorating while adding a social element to our history.  It continues influence us in the same way to this very day.  Quilting, embroidery, couture sewing, & crafting related sewing brings people together all over the United States.  Organizations are in existence that provide many people with creative, charitable and social outlets.  Conferences occur on all topics related to sewing.  Sewing is a part of Americana - no doubt, just look at all the beautiful quilts that date back to the formation of the United States. 

Do you love to sew but haven't joined a group or attended a conference?  Here are few suggestions for you to check out: 

The first one is the American Sewing Guild which I am proud to be a member of.  No matter where I travel in the country, I can attend a local chapter meeting and have instant friends. The ASG covers a wide range of sewing skills which include couture, heirloom, quilting and more.  I highly encourage you to join.  Plus there are other perks including discounts:

Quilt Guild Guidance can be found here:
Are you a smocking addict?  Help is available to you:

Have you wanted to attend a conference with like minded hobbyists?  
Here are just a few: 
The American Embroidery Conference
The American Sewing Guild
The International Embroidery/Quilting Conference

and there are more, just google it!    Most stores offer clubs and classes where you will meet other enthusiasts while learning new skills.   Keep America strong and support small, and medium size businesses, here in the USA.  I for one would like to go into a store and find clothing, home goods and quilts with tags that read Made in the USA. I appreciate the work of others globally but I miss seeing our own made products on the shelf.  How do you feel about it?  We can make a difference.


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