Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Gathering... made in America!

Do you gather with other friends to sew?  Do you pick the same project to work on, or do you each sew independently while enjoying the camaraderie? Since 1997, my club members have gathered once a month to work on the same project together.  In this January photo, some of us are standing in front to the repair area of Ashby Sewing Machine Co owned by Marc Briley.  This photo doesn't reflect how wonderful the lay out of the store is but it does show how organized everything is in the parts area department. Can you guess what our sewing project was at this particular gathering?  It is worth mentioning that in our group you can find feather weights, treadle and other antique machines in working condition.  You can  also find shiny sewing-embroidery machines owned by all of us. Sewing and embroidery is our addiction.  If you share this love and want to share in our social sewing/embroidery club, we have a couple of spots open due to relocation of long time members. You need to be in travel distance of Kennesaw/Marietta Georgia and own an embroidery-sewing combination machine. Email me through the CookiesCreations website, if interested - see contacts there.

Sampling of past projects:

Smiling at you! ~ Cookie

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