Monday, January 24, 2011

Made in the USA, loved around the world!

Vintage Home Sewing Machines...

Who knew how many people would write to share their love of antique machines? Since the January 7th post, I have received emails from people around the world who have reminisced over their fondest experiences of sewing and the memories of loved ones who sewed on these early ancestors of today's sewing machines.

I will share a couple emails in posts here, starting with this one from Betty K. who lives in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Betty  is an amazingly talented seamstress (you can click on the link and see for yourself) and creative designer. These pictures are some of her treasured machines.

Betty writes, "I was sewing on a Treadle before I started school at 5 years of age, I bought my own 1st machine when I was 12, it was a Jones handcrank and did not have the spool to fit the shuttle, a cousin who worked for Singer sold me one for a shilling, (10 cents now) it did not fit and I spent a whole Saturday morning filing it down until the machine would sew with it, 3 years later I let my Mum use it as a Trade on a new machine with the promise of being allowed to use this new machine.
In the 60's I purchased a Singer Handcrank for $8 and it started me collecting Old Machines, the year befor last I converted a 99 to a handcrank for my then 5 year old Grand Daughter as I feel sewing is a hobby to be enjoyed at an early age and hopefully for life like me.

I am fearful of doing a machine count but think it is less than 50, 4 of which are embroidery machines, this year I intend to make up a folder listing all the machines with photos and original cost." 

from Cookie: Oh Betty K., never be afraid to count. Here in the USA we attend sewing conferences and give prizes for those who own the most machines, fabric and thread, come the farthest distance, as we gather to share their enthusiasm for sewing, etc.  I have no doubt that your folder listing all the machines with photos and original cost will be quite the "read".  

A big thank you Betty,for sharing a glimpse of your sewing story and your glorious collection of machines.  As a thank you, I am sending you our latest vintage sewing machine set of designs to use on those 4 embroidery machines of yours!

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