Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is the sewing buzz?

In the sewing world, it is all about quilting and embroidery which includes embracing the internet to educate consumers not only on what machines are available but how to use them.  Websites for all the major machine companies include wonderful project ideas, tutorials, embroidery designs, quilt templates and more. With the winter weather running up and down the East Coast and Midwest portions of the USA, it is a great day to browse for some sewing/quilting and embroidery inspiration.

I certainly have my own personal favorites and just to be fair about it, I will list them in alphabetical order but for those who have been to my sewing studio, you know who my favorites are.
Great Machine Company websites for you to check out:


By checking these sites often, you will stay on top of where the technology is heading and by looking at the projects, you will also learn what is hot in the world of sewing! 

Oh my!  There is a breeze coming through my windows and I am considering duct tape - Southern homes are not built for below freezing temperatures with snowy roofs and winds.  Hmmm while you check the sites, I will go find my space heater and put on my fingerless gloves!

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