Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing Traditions to be treasured and shared in the heart of the USA

Maria's Treadle -note the beautiful condition...
Singer, an old American tradition, can be found in many antique shops throughout the USA. The mint condition machine featured in these photos were sent in by Maria A.

We love the fond memories of our ancestors sewing with Singer Treadles. If you have inherited a family machine, it is an added treasure that comes with family memories. At the same time, we may be challenged in actually using them, due to feelings of personal family loss,  which only time can heal.  But take heart, as one day you will heal, and have the opportunity to create new sewing history on that well loved machine. Having a few links on the value, history, & use with pointers on repair will steer you in the right path:

History, Value & More of Treadle on e-how 
Treadle On
Treadle Machine Manual on About
History of Sewing Machines (Inventors)

Maria's story printed with permission:  "I received my mother's Singer Treadle machine about 5 years ago when she gave it to me.  She passed away just a little over a year ago, so this machine means a lot to me.  It sits in the entry way of our house and I have never used it.  She did many times though and she made many blankets on this machine.  Since it was hers I still can not bring myself to use it yet.  Maybe, after a while longer I wil be able to use it.  But right now, just talking about it, brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you for letting me remember her on this machine. ~Maria"

Maria, for me it was not a sewing machine, but two pins my mother wore on many special occasions.  You will one day be able to share the stories with tears of laughter, perhaps even sew a little something on it, and feel the shared joy with your mom over the wonders of that machine.  Thank you for generously sharing your photos & story behind this well loved treasure.


Millie said...

My mom had an old Singer that looked liked this one!! I don't know what happened to it but I have my Grandmother's old Singer! Meanwhile, this is Millie, the stamp lady!! I have gotten into quilting and have decided to buy a new sewing machine. I would love your opinion on which machine is best?? I am kinda thinking Janome but would value your opinion.

Cookie Gaynor said...

Quilting: if this were my new hobby I would make the following list of must haves: walking foot/dual feed, hands free mechanism and preferably the knee lift plus the program button option to sew, then stop with the needle dropping down automatically so that I may turn the corner easily. I tend to wander off when I free motion quilt so having a stitch regulator built in for quilting my borders would be very important to me. I would check out: the Janome as you mentioned, plus Bernina, Babylock/Brother,& Pfaff. I would ask questions of the dealer to find out if the repair person is on staff, and how many days a week he is at the store should you have a problem. I would request to see a copy of their newsletter to see what classes are offered. Afterall, you will need to know all the many options that are included. So in essence, you are purchasing the dealer so this is the time to quiz them, not after the purchase :)One more thing, make sure the machine has built in scissors. Don't laugh - it can be a real deal breaker to many gals. It is a convenient feature to have . So great to hear from you!
hugs, Cookie