Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are the Irish lucky or skillful?

Free Machine Embroidery Design for March 2011 
Maybe it is a combination of both skill and luck.  Which ever you decide, I want this to be your lucky day!  This design is free to you right here through March 2011. The zipped file contains the following formats: (DST, EXP, HUS, PES, SEW, and VIP.) There are matching designs, not shown, which are free to subscribers of my once a month project newsletter.  More newsletter information is available on the Cookiescreations Home Page.

I found this Irish saying below and it made me smile after posting about Daylight Savings Time and my friends having to hear me say, I need more sleep!

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures” 

I think this may be the cure for DLS, too!  I always heard the saying , "Luck of the Irish", but honestly I think their luck is earned through hard work, and their skill comes from overcoming hard times throughout their history.  Lessons that I appreciate.

The design set in the newsletter has a small design  included so you can practice using your circular tool if you own the Artista software v6, Masterworks II, PE Design NEXT or Palette 9 software packages, while taking advantage of the wonderful lettering programs in them.  Consider it a homework challenge!  I've already done mine as you can see in the photo on the right!  Software educator at heart, can you tell?



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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm Irish and with skills and feeling quite lucky with a new design to stitch. Lynn