Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Light Savings Time... (Are you ready?)

Are you an American up tonight thinking about springing forward? (Not all states do this.)

We lose an hour in just resetting the clocks in our lives!  Why do we have it?  These are the things one might ponder in the middle of the night while trying to fall back asleep.  After staring at the clock for hours, I decided to get up and google it.  Apparently, many people have asked this question.

  • As a side note, if you read their page then you will see that you should be changing your light bulbs, too!  Really?  That would take at least another hour. Hopefully, you have those energy efficient bulbs to switch to. And while you are up on that ladder, don't forget to check your smoke detectors!   New points to ponder!
Did you make preparations for the time change?
My sympathies go out to young mothers.  I hope you wore the kids out yesterday so they will sleep in one extra hour for your sake.  I have had years of experience of doing this. This daylight savings time is truly the enemy of parents but if you didn't consider how to make the transition better for them (and for yourself) read  Strollerderby as you move into today with your cranky toddler.

For all of us who feel out of sync and show up to our appointments on Monday with disorientation, remember the early bird catches the worm...  and as Discovery News points out, we can also blame Ben Franklin!

Now you go ponder day light savings time, and I will go get some sleep!  ~Cookie


Anonymous said...

IMHO, the driving reason for DST is so that the politicians can get in a full round of golf after leaving the office. Wouldn't want it to get dark before they've finished that eighteenth hole!
- LH

Anonymous said...

The best benefit that I can see is that the day is brighter longer into the evening making it easier to find the car after a day of shopping! Stores don't open until 10am so that part is covered.