Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning new tricks! - a tool that works in many softwares...

One of joys I have at is the opportunity of playing with software.  I own tons of designs, as do most of my readers, and I do make gifts for friends which is what I am working on here. The star frame is my own quick design surrounded by purchased embellishments.

Recently, I watched a fabulous Webinar by Bernina.  This reminded me of my 1 day intensive class on Masterworks.  I forgot all about the wonders of the circular tool.  Most digitizing softwares include this handy tool, as do many graphic programs. They each seem to work slightly differently. They vary in terms of mirroring & positioning methods, and whether you can work with the actual digitized design or the need of the initial graphic first.  So whether you are into embroidery or creating graphics, it is worth your time to see if your specific software has it. Not sure?  Visit your dealer and they should have the answers or consult the websites linked in this post to begin research.

This design was re-created from an OESD Classic Monogram set which has wonderful little motifs.  (I was told by a store that it will no longer be available - sorry as this is a terrible tease.) Using mirroring tools and the circular tool, it was easy to create a new design by using the smaller elements of the design set package.  It did not include the star. The Star itself was drawn in Corel and then brought into the software. I have another layer of circular embellishments to add before I remove it from the hoop - but this gives you the idea of one way to use it.  "Palette 9" and "Brother Next"have a circular copy tool in their softwares so if it is on your computer, check it out.  Bernina software includes Corel. FYI,  I have created graphics in Photoshop and made it work in other softwares.  Masterworks has its own graphic program and its own specific Circular tool.

For my scrap book friends, circular photos of family members including pets is wonderful around a central themed photo or word place card.

I hope you are getting to enjoy some early signs of spring!

~ Cookie

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