Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living in a cloud - a thought for "Appiness"

I love living in my cloud.  What is a cloud?  Do I mean those fluffy white pillows in the sky? No, I am referring to the internet where so much information is accessed & stored without you fully realizing it. Occasionally, I will read something that reinforces my belief in the cloud.

What is a cloud? What is the role of web browsers? You can protect yourself by keeping current in your understanding of privacy & internet browsing.

*Read this at google chrome  and perhaps grab your coffee or tea as it is a  5-10 minute read, but if you know little to nothing, this will be valuable. It will motivate you to update your browsers & software.

 I am constantly telling people to update their browsers and software while teaching embroidery software classes.  If everyone did this, we would be moving forward at a faster speed on the internet and in the software on our computers. Now you can ponder the possibilities.

"APPINESS" - apps for all!

Imagine having embroidery or scrapbook apps in a cloud that you can access anytime from any computer.  It wouldn't matter if you were MAC or PC.  You wouldn't have to worry about keeping the software current as it would be done for you. Of course, I do ask what makes the cloud different from the old main frame computers?  Instead of your computer being plugged into a mainframe, you are plugged into the cloud.  So with that thought always back up files that are in your cloud/computer on a separate on an external hard drive.  Check out our dancing fairies to guard your pillows and more as you sleep in your cloud.

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Wishing you a fabulous crafty Sunday!

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