Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wonder Woman Crashes Website, Embroiders Pillowcases at 2am and Rebuilds Her World by 4PM the Next Day!

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Yes, that is how I have spent the last 16 hours.  I single :) offhandedly "glitched up" the website.  I believe timing is everything, and it is important to make a really big mess occasionally to keep oneself totally challenged and in the game!

So last night I made it my mission to embroider Pillow Cases at 2am for my in-laws. I crashed the CookiesCreations website while the machine was stitching. Clearly I cannot walk and chew gum!  The result?  I had to pull back the scheduled newsletter to fix it all. After  5 hours of repairing today, my new mission is never to do anything after midnight.  And as of this moment, the site is back up, the newsletter is flying through the internet with a free set of embroidery designs pictured for our machine embroidery subscribers. Make some cute socks, tees, and practice with the circular tools in your software - if you want your own challenge.  See Home Page for newsletter subscription details.

Favorite St Pattys Design Project
My craziness continues, as you may have figured out that I have maxed out the limit on facebook (one should really read all the how to"s" prior to setting up friends) - My lesson is learned and I hope by sharing this it will save others.  I did this two days ago.  The fun never ends!  If you wonder why I haven't confirmed you on the FB friends page, it's because FB says I have enough friends and I need to get rid of few to add you...   Understand my plight and perhaps "LIKE" me at the top of this blog and we can chat there.  I owe Patti of Stitchers Anonymous a big thank you for making me READ the help section as she mentioned a few key points.

Fans are slowly migrating to our LIKE page.  Having too many friends sounds like a good thing until you need to migrate!  I now have empathy for birds flying back to Atlanta for summer sun.  You just don't want to miss anyone and  upset the pattern.

But  with all this said, I am grabbing my poodles and I am going to get the last rays of sunshine as the day draws to a close.  And although I may be tired, there is a little Irish in all of us, and I am going to have some fun!

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