Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blast from the past...1970!

Some of my most favorite shopping memories with mom and my girlfriends are within the retail racks of this retail chain.       

  The 1970's & Macys 

As I was balancing my bags with duvet covers, shams and pillows, I was compelled to flip out my camera to snap two photos of fun displays.  I asked the sales girl if I could do so, and she even offered to hold my bags while I quickly took them.  The entire section of the department was reminiscent from when I worked there after school.   It was my blast from the past, and the saleswoman had no idea why I was so elated with their displays.  
1970 was everywhere I looked.   I have to agree with their advertising department:  Macy's is a part of my best memories.  Macy's definitely has the 1970 look mixed with current trendy accessories which made me smile as I had just blogged about "the look"  the other day!  I felt the magic at Macy's at work. ~ Cookie

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