Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finding your Groove in creative ways!

A trip to the past is the modern trend...

 1970 is everywhere but with fresh new twists.
The trick to retro styling is pairing a vintage looking piece with a modern touch. 
Take fashion, a vintage dress with great heels, and a fabulous bag.  Too much 1970, can make you look outdated - imagine that!

The same can be applied to craft and vintage art:  great old posters with terrific contrasting frames, knitting 1970 style sweaters out of new trendy yarns, creating vintage looking photos and contrasting them with current embellishing techniques and the list goes on.

In the scrapbook community, look to Amazon, check out Etsy, and see the bids at Ebay. You can find everything from paper, stickers to disco hard covered scrapbooks. Look at the background of this blog!

In the knitting and crochet world, have you noticed the crochet comeback?  Look at the books and all the flowers and edgings that are being featured!  I  spent my winter knitting retro scarves as part of my own learning curve and 1 week ago I picked up a beading kit to add that touch to my next scarf.

The embroidery community certainly has combined their love of designing into the patterns and machine technology. Check out the sewing industry and pay attention to the features they are highlighting on their machines... and use them! The BabyGarden picture is actually photo fabric with embroidery combined and is easily accomplished on the Brother Quattro and Babylock Ellisimo embroidery machines.

Whether you knit, sew, cut and paste... think to include big flowers, fun color schemes along with organic products with a dash of modern touches and you will find your groove!  ~Cookie

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