Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working Through ones!

Project from SewStylish Gifts to Make 2007, page 33.
Do you have a collection of magazines that you cannot part with? I finally decided to do something about mine. They are wonderful magazines but neglected on a shelf. Perhaps you, too, have similar stacks of magazines on a variety of interests:  project ideas, recipes and more that look wonderful to make, priceless tips scattered throughout the pages, and glorious photos of what the end results should look like, once completed. 

So with scissors in hand, I started cutting out the articles I wanted to keep, and began putting them in a notebook.  I put the tips in a file box on cards with dividers on various topics so they can be easily accessed. And then I hit a few snags:  I cannot put scissors to my SewStylish Magazines as they are so well organized.  I cannot cut my Sew Beautiful Magazines, because as the title indicates, they are so beautiful.  I did well with my Scrapbook magazines until I got to my digital favorites, same reasons as above.  However, I made great progress. 

With the remaining magazines, I decided to pick a few different projects, and challenge myself to make at least one project every month.  I showed several projects to club members. These members have now have dug out their copies, or ordered back issues (okay, that could be considered a set back) and we have been picking projects and making them every month. 

Take a look through your pile of back issues and see if you don't already own it:  "Sewstylish gifts to make" Holiday 2007 issue

I have provided the link so you can see what the cover looks like.  (LOL, and if you don't own it, good luck with temptation). It contains creative projects that involve: fabric, sewing, paper crafting, knitting, felting, jewelry making, and stamping.  I have completed three of the projects from this particular magazine, and the directions definitely receive a five bobbin award on ease of assembly and clarity of instructions. It is a keeper, but that means something else must go!

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