Friday, May 20, 2011

Creativity inspired through generations of sewers...

Great Pinny by Betty K.  It is a cleverly styled pattern and that big button is the perfect touch!

Thank you, Betty K. from New Zealand, for sending us the pictures of the "pinny" she made for herself.

The apron is reversible and as she pointed out in her lovely letter,  "you can see that [she] used only "people powered" machines on it.

Betty used the Sewing Machines from the Past Designs we sent for sharing the wonderful story on her early introduction to the sewing world.

Her post appears on January 24, 2011 of this blog and it is entitled Made in the USA, loved around the world.

I love the term Pinny and I am going to adopt it into my vocabulary. Getting to see the fun projects that others do with the designs from Cookiescreations adds to our own creativity.  Thank you, Betty, for sharing your time, your photos and your creativity.

To all our friends who have been featured: I am appreciative and inspired by your talents!

QUESTION: Have you ever used one of the machines featured on Betty's Pinny?  Leave me a comment right here :)


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