Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day - What shall we do? One free gift from me to you..

Finding the right gift for dad can be a challenge.  If you are a crafty person than you may be interested in fun home made gifts ideas at Holiday Kaboose. If you are completely out of time and ideas, you might want to peek at Red Envelope as I noted a few unusual gifts that won't break the bank like the gorilla flexible tripod flashlights.  For the scrapbook enthusiast, it may be worth a visit to my favorite scrapbook site: and in particular, look at the project pages. One page framed is all you need!


If you have a small little girl in the family, what could be sweeter than a decorated shirt with this little design and a few ribbons added? This is a free download design on our Facebook Fan Page until Saturday.   I love ribbons and baby things... but it would also be sweet on jean pockets and more.  Take a photo of daddy and his little girl/s wearing their shirts. Print it out and frame it - 2 gifts in one! 

Is your puppy daddy's girl?  Cut out a triangle scarf and embroider it for his girl's neck dress!

So with all this said, what do I plan to do? I am going to go to Cracker Barrel and get dad a rocker.  " I need to get a rocker from here", has been his lament for too many years. This is his YEAR of the Rocker!  If you decide to get one, please leave one extra there for me! And please don't tell him...


Grandmother Carolyn said...

Love your ideas - especially the "puppy" girl! Great mind, you obviously work over-time!

Cookie Gaynor said...

Sometimes I work over-time, often in the nick of time! Thank you, Carolyn!