Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"T" Time for Crafty Designers...

Good morning from my mobile office! Last night a message for help was left on my phone: "Cookie, help!  I need to do a T-shirt for my 13 year old niece and her friends. It's for her birthday celebration. Forget the design, I don't even know what type of T-shirt I need.  My sister was of no help other than Katie does not like loose fitting boxy t-shirts."  I left her a phone message back with "call your sister back and ask what are Katie's favorite shows? Music? Books? Stars? Colors? and then call me back in the morning after 10!" 

Do you have a teen or tween in your life? While "grownups" are currently caught up in fashion and home decor styles that reflect the feel of the 70's, the younger market is playing in the 80's.  Bright colors, including fluorescent that have designs reflecting who they are. Longer shirts that are made from 100% cotton, lightweight with a flare of fitting are still leading with girls.  What is a longer shirt?  If you have been busy working with no teens in your life, you may have missed this trend.  Long usually measures  past the hip by an inch or two.

Burned out T's are still fun and if you are not familiar with that look, just google it and you will find stores selling them to all different target markets. Keep in mind that teens enjoy wearing bright color solids under them as they peek through the sheer areas.  While "bling" is still popular with the "grownups", its popularity with teens is receding. It still shows up as an accent but the focus is on design. No surprise there!  Teens love wearing shirts that shout out "this is who I am".  As much as fashions may change, teens have always embraced individuality throughout all the generations.  Each new tween/teen wants to look different than their elders.  Oh that hurt, as I typed it!

We may shake our heads over the new styles but eventually they creep up into our own adult fashions so it is the smart crafting designers who keep an eye on the youth.  Now all I have to do is wait for that return phone call, drink that coffee and enjoy my chocolate peanut butter mini cupcake... So how is your morning?

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