Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's Needling You?

For me it is all about attending training seminars and then regrouping later to find out that one out of 100 people actually implemented the tips shared.  I guess that is a good thing if you are the one!  But wow, I attend these seminars for networking as well.

Thank you Dana for my knitted Lace Shawl!
And now I will Segue into embroidery and sewing machine needles as an overview. Why?  Because soon all the fabric stores will be having sales and we need to stock up!  Let's break down the Home Embroidery Machine Needle.

130/705 H ( H is for Home Machine!) Right to the Point:  If you drive a Brother, Babylock or similar home sewing machine you probably need a 130/705 H.   The other number for instance: 75/11 (European/American)  refers to the diameter.  Let's get even more direct with information. The H-E is for embroidery and often may have a coated red band at the top ad the size is 75,  90. These needles keep thread from shredding and the ball point prevents the cutting of previously sewn stitching, as in the shading of an embroidery design.  No coding available? Then you are probably looking at a universal needle which means it is not really sharp and has a slightly rounded point to suit most fabrics.  If you do stretch fabrics, you will want a ball point needle to separate the fabric threads.  Are you into heirloom?  Then a sharp will cut through the thread to give you those wonderful holes that we love in special decorative stitches, to be used on linen and cottons.  They come in many different diameters  For sewing I prefer a 130/705 H 80/12 Universal for most of my stitching needs.  Blue banded needles are primarily for Jean weighted fabrics. They are very sturdy needles and the sharp point creates very nice stitching.

Other needles, knitting needles to be specific. I am still working at perfecting my skills in knitting. But thankfully I have great friends who keep me wrapped in beautiful items.  Thank you, Dana!  Love the shawl and a big hug to my college forever friends.  Wearing it tonight for an air-conditioned theater!

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