Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flipping for Flip Pal: Fun with Fabric!

It's no secret that I love what I do.  That is evident between, this blog, the tweets, website and the classes I teach. Where else can someone work using all the supplies they love to play with: thread, fabric, designs, paint sticks, machines and assorted toys including my newest favorite:

Brother Flip Pal is a mobile scanner that is perfect for embroidery needs, just in case you missed my earlier blog post on it.

As promised I will share glimpses of how I am using mine. I showed up at Ashby's Sewing at 2pm and by 3pm, I had the design scanned in as two parts.  Flip Pal has a short and easy learning curve. The fabric design I picked was slightly larger than the scanner. 

Therefore, it required two scans plus using the built in software Easy Stitch to weave the two photos together.  I imported the two photos into the special program and, surprisingly, there was nothing else to do - the photos automatically lined up and "stitched" together. No effort on my part was required.  See for yourself:

  + =

From there, I brought the picture of the fabric into software, to test out how the digitized final product would look.

It looks nice, up close, which pleasantly surprised me.  I typically refrain from using  auto stitching software and prefer to create the stitches myself from the ground up.. Note that I did add a little variation, in color assignments, to suit the fabric it is going to be stitched on.  Tip: If you are uncertain as to the colors you want to use, embroider each section separately with a color assignment to each section and keep them in the original file.

And now I am ready to add it to my latest project, in three different sizes which only took a few minutes to perform.  The fabric coordinates with other fabric pieces in the project, so I am once again, doing my little happy dance!

The Brother website has a nice product page on Flip Pal that might be worth checking out. It comes with other software to do genealogy, photo software and more. But this fabric thing is great. Having no left over wall paper, using the mobile flip pal has opened up my decorating opportunities for home sewing. Just like my students, I love to have touches of embroidery around the home.


Sewconsult said...

What happened to the video. I came back to watch it when I had the time. The sewing store link doesn't help me with info on the Flip Pal. And is it compatible with any other brands, as in Babylock?
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Cookie Gaynor said...

The video had a glitch in it. However, the link to the Brother website has several videos on the use of it. It will work with Babylock Palette Software, Bernina software, and it should work with the auto part of MasterWorks as well. It is very easy to use. I like it because of the extreme portability. Here's the basic steps: scan in your photo, or fabric, etc, Next take the special sd card in the flip pal (it is where FP has stored your scan) out of the FP scanner, place it in your computer SD slot, Open your embroidery software and grab the scan for the image of your auto digitizing software. A clean scan makes it all happen.

Bouncy bobbin said...

Love the fabric!