Thursday, July 14, 2011

Straight to the Point...

Holiday Train Design Set
Prairie Points and Shark Teeth - so many ways to create them, so many uses for them!

A repeat topic with more details for those who have asked me for that quick tip video location and help. This is for you.

Of course, I am referring to ones made from fabric.

 I realize that they are most often used in quilts, but they are so interesting that I think of them as a great decorating touch on many types of items:
  • Quilts in sashings or border finishes
  • Pillow Trims
  • Pillowcases in lieu of piping, smaller bands
  • In the seams of children s' pants
  • On the bottom of T-shirts
  • Making large ones for window treatments as a valance
And even around fido's collar.  They are fun in a single row or sewn to a base fabric to make multiple overlapping rows.  You can decide whether to overlap each point as in our pillow or to simply have a row of points.

It is always creative pleasure to take a design feature like Praire Points/Sharks Teeth or Pintucks and use them as decorative embellishments throughout an outfit or in home decor.  If you don't know how to create Prairie Points easily,  let me show you one simple method to creating them easily, etc.

Explore the world of prairie points and shark teeth and you will find all kinds of uses for them.  There are several rulers on the market that utilize unique ways to cut and create prairie points and shark teeth.
The Quilt Handler and Martha Pullen carry unique rulers for this. More videos are available at

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