Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When spit happens, creativity begins

Mistakes like Spit Can Happen!
Featured Newsletter project for July, Mini Sock and T Design

Have you ever created a project from a mistake that happened?  Maybe a hole in a shirt that needed a patch?

My favorite repair for holes is to use embroidery to patch them.  With a light weight stabilizer adhered to the bottom side of the shirt for a patch, I then embroider as usual.  This same type of technique works well on pillowcases and other types of soft hole repairs.

Another "late night mistake" is my savvy ability in sewing pretty designs on pillowcases to discover something is upside down.  Cut the upside down mistake in the shape of a circle. Go grab that light weight stabilizer and adhere it as a patch from the bottom.  Place the circle with the design right side up, and applique it back on.   Go back to the other designs, if needed and create a circle with embroidery software and add it to the designs already stitched.

Other touches, never underestimate the value of a micron pen to fill in missing stitches, just be sure to wash out any topping prior to coloring or it will leave the scene of the crime at the first wash.  How do I know that?

The above pictured project idea is featured in the newsletter for this month along with the mini sock and T-shirt designs. Yours for free by subscribing to this months newsletter. If you are not a subscriber, you can do so by going to cookiescreations.com and subscribing at the top right corner of our home page.

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